Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm not here...

... instead I'm over here now.  I failed miserably at the 366, but I do enjoy the challenge and always keeping my eyes open.  So I purchased a new domain which you can visit at which will have my photo gallery as well as a photo blog.  

Layout is a bit different, more customized, and I maintain full control over the site.  Plus I find it much easier to upload photos than to deal with Flickr and Blogger.  This is my last post here, instead you can find me at the new place from now on.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Update (No Photo)

Sigh.... I warned you all I was a lousy blogger. There's been quite a lot going on since my last post in September. The good news is I've continued on with my photography, bought another camera (a Nikon D90), some gear for it (flash, lense, software), took lots of photos, and started a new website strictly for my photography.

On the other hand I've posted very little, uploaded much fewer photos, completely stopped working on my 366 challenege, and commented on virtually no photos that many of you have been thoughtful enough to share.

I miss it though. I miss sharing with you all and seeing the wonderful work you've done which inspires me to do better. I hope you'll forgive me for more or less disappearing for months at a time. I don't mean to. Like so many other people, I just seem to get busy and things like this slide down further on the priority list.