Monday, September 1, 2008

#62 Exotic

Some kind of bug. I thought it was a locust but when I tried to do a little research, I discovered my bug didn't look like any of the locusts. Anyway, he's alien, creepy looking, and rather exotic. My dad swore he would be a perfect fit and I promised I would put him at the top of my update blog.

#141 Forgotten

An old cannery that now sits on a small island with no road access or power. It was flooded out 20? 30? years ago and never reopened. The place has long since been forgotten about and no effort has been made to restore it.

#220 Bridge

This bridge crosses a river somewhere in South Jersey. I liked the perspective from underneath, but unfortunately being in a boat that's rocking and under power makes it somewhat more difficult to get a sharp photo. Which means the photos I had from directly underneath didn't make it.

#91 Lonely

A short moment of time where this old man came walking by and he just seemed so lost in himself. I captured as much of the trail of footprints that I could to emphasize his solidarity.

#23 Water

Unconstrained water. I liked the jumbled, tumbling effect of water in motion.

#135 Surf

We haven't had great surfing weather. I've given up on getting a shot with someone surfing in one of those wave tubes so I made due with a couple of random shots. End of summer surfing. End of summer. Ughhh... Now I'm getting depressed. Let's see what photo I have next.

#32 Rain (and update)

Remember when I warned you I was a lousy blogger? I get busy, disorganized, and forgetful. I work till 6pm, cook, eat, clean and then get too tired to bother doing anything else. I go several days, sometimes a week, without touching computer or camera. You have my apology for slacking, but don't say I never warned you :)

Here's my photo for rain. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but out of the 15-20 pictures I took of rain, it was the only one I felt presentable enough to be posted.