Sunday, July 27, 2008

#175 Crowd

We spent the day at Long Island Beach yesterday.  This is why I don't normally go on a weekend, but I knew I would get an opportunity like this.  The crowd density actually goes on for a good mile like this in both directions.  


Mia said...

I would say! Having been in the scarely populated Sweden now for a while, my crowd management skills have completely reverted and I get almost dizzy looking at this.

Great shot with gorgeous colours though. ;)

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Like Mia, I live in a low population area - however, I actually crave crowds like this sometimes.............OK, I admit not much - lol

Lovely scene though, suggests fun and summer.

Dogeared said...

I'm pretty rural too, and I generally don't deal with crowds too well (I get annoyed easily, and then comes the under the breath sarcasm and swearing!). But the bright, vivid colours really make this seem a jolly seaside scene, and I want to be on a beach! (OK it's 10:30pm, dark and rainy, that's understandable :P). Great job, Mike!

Deb Campbell said...

I don't really like a crowded beach, but I do like the beach.
Nice one for the theme.