Monday, September 1, 2008

#32 Rain (and update)

Remember when I warned you I was a lousy blogger? I get busy, disorganized, and forgetful. I work till 6pm, cook, eat, clean and then get too tired to bother doing anything else. I go several days, sometimes a week, without touching computer or camera. You have my apology for slacking, but don't say I never warned you :)

Here's my photo for rain. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but out of the 15-20 pictures I took of rain, it was the only one I felt presentable enough to be posted.


Dogeared said...

I wondered where you'd been! I am a lousy normal Blogger (I've just started a new one, hoping it will spur me into posting on my normal stuff more), but oddly enough my photo Blog is pretty active!

I like the rain falling, knowing it's hitting the leaves and rolling off :-)

Julie M said...

Great capture with the path of the raindrops visible. Feels very wet!