Monday, September 1, 2008

#62 Exotic

Some kind of bug. I thought it was a locust but when I tried to do a little research, I discovered my bug didn't look like any of the locusts. Anyway, he's alien, creepy looking, and rather exotic. My dad swore he would be a perfect fit and I promised I would put him at the top of my update blog.


Dogeared said...

He's exotic, cool, slightly creepy and a dozen things all at once - what a great find! Definitely fits the theme well, and it's a great photo of it!

Heather said...

I believe it's a cicada! I've never actually seen one that's alive, but I do remember their skins being all over the place when we lived in Pennsylvania.

They shed their skin, and what's left behind actually looks like the bug. When my brother and I were little we called them crunch bugs because of the sound the skins would make when you squished them :)

Linda aka Elemobe said...

Yay, you're back :-) Glad to see you again, just had a quick look through your shots and will return again later. Just in the middle of adding a cool new feature to my blog (see Mia's post today).

Julie M said...

and icky!!!!!!!!!!

MevetS said...

Nice shot, and very cool that you got it shedding its skin.

A good site for getting bug IDs is:

You upload your image and the users of the site figure out what it is.